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Production Meeting: ‘Transgender’

Director: Melissa Fergusson

DOP: Tim Butler-Jones

1st AD/Sound Tech: Rob Ipsen

Transgender: Lee ah yen Faatoia

Barman: Baz Te Hira

Sex Worker: Morgan Bradley

Beautician: Rebecca Parr


Lee’s Thoughts On Playing A Woman For #whoreplay


I was very excited (at last) to meet a (real-life) ‘Transgender’ woman to probe about what it feels like to transition from man-to-woman. So many questions arrived in my head – too many to verbalise. The main thing that intrigued me – was when did it happen? When was the first ‘instance’ you felt that you were born in the wrong body? The answer was 4 years old. Wow. I asked about hormones. As I already knew from Melissa and research, hormones definitely impact heavily on your sex drive, cause depression, you can also become impotent at times and feel generally unwell. What happens when I wear a short skirt? “Use duck tape. Be brave. Suck it up girl.” Magic words, that I will embrace.

Lee Speaks Out: ‘Transgender’ And ‘Rent Boy’


If you know me, you maybe surprised that I am involved in this project. Why? I’m a Martial artist and actor who is usually in Action films. I’m portraying two sex workers in’Whore’. One is a ‘Rent Boy’ who has sex with men for money, and the other is ‘Transgender’ who loves sex with men. The characters (I find) are very interesting and EXCITING. My research and preparation for these two fine, well written characters involve finding my raw, dark and sexual side. Thank goodness we have the internet to explore this subject matter. I usually say ‘no’ to these kind of roles but hey: This is directed and written by Melissa Fergusson. She’s a good director and tremendous writer who can bring out the raw truth in front of you. I love that. I won’t give you too many details of my preparation, but I am still learning how to walk in high heels. It’s tricky. My research tells me about the adversity Transgender’s go through and how sex workers are heavily judged in society, “its easy to judge a book by its cover”? This play will be unforgettable.