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Project Whore: Interview with Rhys Collier

Rhys is a visual artist based in Eden Terrace, Auckland. He works with recyclable materials in sculpture and enjoys painting. Rhys is also an actor and filmmaker.

1. What are your thoughts on prostitution?
I have mixed feelings. On one hand I feel it is a honest and necessary Profession. And paying for sex or providing that service should not be shameful. However being involved in this industry can be incredibly damaging to a person. Not to mention the violence, drug abuse and other criminal behavior that can go hand in hand. More transparency for the safety of all involved is needed.

2. Have you slept with a sex worker before?
I have never been a customer. I briefly dated a sex worker.

3. Why or why not?
I crave the intimacy that’s created during sex with someone you care for, rather than the physical act itself. This would be absent if I payed a random sex worker.

4. What does the word ‘whore’ mean to you?
I googled this phrase and came up with: a women you desire who sleeps with everyone but you. This is perfect as the term has a jealousy and rage attached, a word to be used by a man scorned by the women he desires.

5. Do you belief in monogamy?
I will commit without hesitation to a women I’m in love with. Is it the ideal choice for me, I’m not so sure.

6. Have you been solicited to, by a sex worker in the street? Male or female?
Yes but only half hearted efforts as I walk past.

7. Do you think sex work is a choice?
Yes for some. For others it seems to be where they are corralled by force, abuse or addiction.

8. Are you heterosexual, bisexual or gay?

9. Are you tempted to pay for sex, if you want to experiment?
Not in New Zealand. In countries such as Thailand, Cuba or Brazil where sex work seems more open and accessible I have considered it, and may be tempted one day.

10. Lastly, do you judge others who visit sex workers regularly?
No its a legal, mutually beneficial transaction.