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Interview with ‘Shibari’ Artist: Arth the Bondage Bear

1. When/how did you discover your interest in Shibari?

I discovered my interest in Shibari and rope in general where most people my age find a lot of things these days, the Internet. I watched as someone was bound and suspended by these thin bits of rope that looked amazing. I got inspired to get into it myself, and I now jump at the chance to wield my rope.

2. Where do you get your inspiration for rope art?

I get my inspiration mostly from looking at photography of other rope artists’ work on Tumblr and the kinky/BDSM website Fetlife and dissecting the construction and emulating the concepts and making it my own to further push my own work.

3. What other bondage art do you practice?

I am currently trying to teach myself some Hojojitsu ties, but otherwise I tend to stick to the traditional forms of Shibari rather than using many western or western fusion techniques.

4. Do you also have a day job?

I do. I’m a security guard by day, bondage bear by night.

5. Tell me about your last Shibari gig?

My last shibari gig was a set of private lessons/workshops in Christchurch. I taught everyone from beginners who had only just picked up their rope, through to advanced riggers who were wanting to get into starting suspensions. It was an awesome way of sharing skills and passing on my love for rope.

6. Who would you like to tie up (with consent of course)?

Dita Von Teese would be at the top of my list for that. Other than her there are a few world renowned rope bottoms that I would love to work with such as Nina Russ or Danailya.

7. Any influences?

My biggest influences are other riggers whose work I like to admire for its aesthetics and complexity, such as International riggers like Aeolis Est, WykD Dave, Satomi and Esinem.

8. What is the most interesting thing about you?

I have a weird OCD where I have to sleep with feet dangling off the bed

9. What do you think of cosplay?

I think cosplay has come a very long way since I first started to watch anime. Between all of the conventions in America featuring some amazing cosplay shows, the emergence of professional cosplayers from all over the world helping to boost its profile to just dressing up as something you love (which is still awesome) and being an expression of how you feel that character can be represented, cosplay has developed its own, ever-growing following.

10. What makes you smile?

I’ve been told I get a bit of an evil grin whenever someone sees me working on one of my knives or am just holding anything sharp and pointy or on fire, does that count?