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Project Whore: interview #2

1. What are your thoughts on prostitution?

Prostitution. I guess, this conjures up (for me) the seedy side of sex… people that pay for it must not be “able” to get sex through a mutual loving or caring for each other, as individuals..it’s the whole “transactional” thing that I suppose gets me..that it’s still very in the shadows of society, and it does intrigue me why people become prostitutes and the emotional impact it must have.

2. Have you slept with a sex worker before?

Never slept with a sex worker.

3. Why or why not?

Never felt the need or desire.

4. What does the word ‘whore’ mean to you?

Whore means to me, a woman who allows her body to be used easily by lots of men…for whatever reason.

5. Do you belief in monogamy?

I used to believe in it, but think it’s unrealistic.

6. Have you been solicited to by a sex worker, in the street?
Male or female?

I have been solicited by a street worker, not sure if they were male or female!

7. Do you think sex work is a choice?

Yes. Everything is a choice unless it is forced on you by threat or harm. We have free will, to do as we please.

8. Are you heterosexual, bisexual or gay?


9. Are you tempted to pay for sex, if you want to experiment?

I’d be tempted to pay for sex, but only to say that I’ve done it. Been to a few strip clubs recently.

10. Lastly, do you judge others who visit sex workers, regularly?

I don’t know of anyone who visits sex workers regularly. I know of friends who have been to sex workers once or twice and don’t judge them for it.

Is sex really fulfilling without an emotional, mental or spiritual connection? Can one truly separate the physical act from the emotional experience, or be truly vulnerable with someone you don’t even know..can sex be mutually exclusive to all this?