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Whore Films Premiere @ Thievery Studio, 8 April 2016: Media/VIP 

Photographer: Peter Jennings



‘Whore’ Films World Premiere Announced

Charlatan clinic is pleased to announce the world premiere of all 6 Whore films: ‘Underage Sex Worker’, ‘Married Woman’, ‘Illegal Migrant’, ‘Rent Boy’, ‘Transgender’ and ‘Refugee’ to be screened at Thievery Studio on the 8 April, 2016. 

The ‘Whore’ project was initially a theatre work performed nationally throughout 2014. All six monologues were then devised to screen by Melissa Fergusson and mentored by writer, Donna Banicevich-Gera.


The core cast for ‘Whore’ Films being Geraldine Creff (‘Underage Sex Worker’, ‘Illegal Migrant’), Rebecca Parr (‘Married Woman’, ‘Refugee) and Lee ah yen Faatoia (‘Transgender’, ‘Rent Boy). Each short film runs for 12 minutes and delivers a snapshot of each street sex worker based on true life experiences in Karangahape Road, Auckland.


Sponsors kindly supporting this event: Roccabella Jewellery, Thievery Studio, Topic Rentals, Paper Bag Princess, Drag Queens: Buckwheat & Tess Tickle, Splice, Four Eyes Media NZ, LYC, Clash Boutique, LEW Performance, Stolen Rum and Foxes Island Wines.