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“Do I Look Like A Whore?”

Poem by “Illegal Migrant”

I sell my body to make a living.
I let men penetrate my body
With their cock not their fist.
I never forget my worth.
I dream of the sea
When I can hardly breathe
To heal me from my pain.
You take away pieces of me
But I never let you see.
I am a whore today.
I am a whore tomorrow.
I am a human being.

Henry’s Poem From #projectsalt


The girl sits with attitude
Wearing chocolate-scented fragrance
Wrapped in colourful reflections

She dreams of the ocean
Running with the wolves
Clad in skin-tight femininity

The girl sits with assertion
Hearing nothing in her path
Drowned in memoirs of iconic Marilyn

Written for ‘Lilly’ by ‘Henry – ‘salt’ by Melissa Fergusson