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Project Whore: interview #3

1. What are your thoughts on prostitution?
I believe it’s one of the oldest professions around like painters.

2. Have you slept with a sex worker before?
Yes – but it was not a service nor was it paid for

3. Why or why not?
She was my girlfriend, she was a sex worker when we met at a club and then she stopped.

4. What does the word ‘whore’ mean to you?
In today’s society it usually refers to a woman that has sex with multiple partners, not necessarily in exchange for money and not necessarily at the same time. The term ‘Man-whore’ seems to be used more now than ever.

5. Do you belief in monogamy?
I do believe

6. Have you been solicited to, by a sex worker in the street? Male or female?
Just compliments

7. Do you think sex work is a choice?
(In NZ) Yes

8. Are you heterosexual, bisexual or gay?

9. Are you tempted to pay for sex, if you want to experiment?
Don’t have any desire to

10. Lastly, do you judge others who visit sex workers regularly?