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Project Whore: interview #11

1. What are your thoughts on prostitution?

I think that prostitution is a far more complex issue than either the media, the public or politicians treat it. It is a polarizing issue that people from the left and right wing kick around like a political football, while very few people actually have a clue what they are talking about. While I laude the liberal attitudes of New Zealand to regulate prostitution in brothels, I feel ashamed that we still don’t have safety nets put in place for the most vulnerable in our society in the twenty first century. Once a teenager gets a few convictions, and a drug habit society washes their hands of them and that is a tragedy I and others like me push to the back of our consciousness.

2. Have you slept with a sex worker before?


3. Why or why not?

I was young and both socially and sexually inadequate.

4. What does the word ‘whore’ mean to you?

An insult.

5. Do you belief in monogamy?


6. Have you been solicited to, by a sex worker in the street? Male or female?


7. Do you think sex work is a choice?

I think there are as many reasons for becoming a sex worker as there are sex workers working. In my opinion, there is no simple answer to this: Romanian teenagers kidnaped and forced to inject heroin clearly have no choice, while middle class girls who do the occasional escort services for extra money or to pay for college do. However, these are two extreme (and hopefully rare) ends of the spectrum. For the vast majority I cannot possibly comment, though I suspect that the further down the social ladder you go, the less choice is involved.

8. Are you heterosexual, bisexual or gay?


9. Are you tempted to pay for sex, if you want to experiment?


10. Lastly, do you judge others who visit sex workers regularly?

​Probably, though I think that as a society we need some serious debate over our attitudes to sex and the way we teach it to our young adults. At best, we’re a little screamish about it; at worst, mediaeval and hysterical about it. That is the only way you are going to reduce the numbers of people seeking out prostitutes to fulfil their baser sexual proclivities.