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Cast For ‘Transgender’

Director: Melissa Fergusson

DOP: Tim Butler-Jones

1st AD: Rob Ipsen

Art Department: Lina Cruz

Transgender: Lee ah yen Faatoia

Barman: Baz Te Hira

Sex Worker: Morgan Bradley

Queen 1: Dominique De Coco

Queen 2: Amy Brosnahan

Beautician: Rebecca Parr

John: John Blackman  










Production Meeting (2) : ‘Rent boy’

Director: Melissa Fergusson

DOP: Tim Butler – Jones

1st AD/Sound Technician: Rob Ipsen

Art Department: Lina Cruz

Rent boy: Lee ah yen Faatoia

Stripper: Christine Becker

Homeless Guy: Gabe Henry

Probation Officer: Baz Te Hira

John: Michael Hallows

MUA: Angela Crumpe

Hair Designer: Jordan Camilleri


‘Refugee’: Behind The Scenes With Four Eyes Media

Photographer: Tim Butler-Jones


Cast for ‘Married Woman’

Director: Melissa Fergusson

DOP: Tim Butler-Jones

1st AD: Rob Ipsen

MUA: Angela Crumpe

Married Woman: Rebecca Parr

Shop Assistant: Natasha Ross

Stranger: James Crompton

Husband: Baz Te Hira

John: Lee Ah Yen Faatoia

Transgender: Dominique DeCoco


Screenwriter/Director Melissa Fergusson Talks WHORE Films

WHORE Films: Indiegogo


‘Illegal Migrant’ (12 min film)

She hails from Brazil. Arrived in NZ on a tourist visa in the hope of finding love or a good job. Instead she resorts to sex work sleeping with both straight & bisexual men. She has one friend who she confides in and lives in fear of being deported.

‘Underage Sex Worker’ (12 min film)

She is 15, skeletal from poor diet and is a runaway from Northland. She has been taken away by CYF (Child Youth & Family) many times; lived in foster care and been molested by her step-father for 2 years, who is a junkie.

‘Transgender’ (12 min film)

Unaccepted by her Samoan family, she started working as a sex worker as she thought it would be fun. She receives a lot of attention from her clients who make her feel special. She is homeless, sleeps with men unprotected for more money and does meth.

Rent boy’ (12 min film)

He is Maori, suffers from PTS (post traumatic stress); has just come out of prison. He only sleeps with men for money, and confirms he’s straight. Sleeps with strippers, other sex workers and users. He has been selling his arse for 20 yrs.

‘Refugee’ (12 min film)

She is 23 yrs old from the Ukraine, had two children when she was 14 yrs to an older man; suffers from manic depression, and sleeps with everything that walks. Homeless, body is heavily blemished, addicted to drugs.

‘Married Woman’ (12 min film)

She is in early forties, sleeps rough or in cheap accommodation with her husband of 2 yrs, who is also her pimp and pride & joy. She has been working on the streets for 25 yrs and this is all she knows. Sleeps with bisexual & heterosexual men; sometimes unprotected. Husband beats her up regularly.