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Lifewise Big Sleep Out 2014: Why Am I Sleeping Rough?

Geraldine (Underage Sex Worker, Illegal Migrant) from ‘Whore’ is no stranger to sleeping (rough) in a van or showering in public bathrooms. Geraldine shares her story about homelessness, and why it’s important to support the cause.

When I first came to Auckland 4 years ago, I surprised myself saying “oh what an amazing place, I haven’t seen any homeless people on the street here!”
Of course after living in Paris for 3 years where poverty and people living in the street hits you all the time. When you leave your house, I clearly didn’t see it or didn’t want to see it here (in NZ) at first.
When talking to Corie Haddock from Lifewise Merge Cafe on Kroad I heard him say that most of the poverty here is invisible. That is the reason why I want to be part of this event. Even if you don’t see it, you need to open your eyes and heart, then do something about it!
I lived in a van for 10 months here in New Zealand and it was a choice. I wanted a life experience but when winter creeps up on you, it’s not funny anymore. I’ll always remember the day I stayed in a house again: feeling comfort, warmth and protection you then appreciate, like you never did. Don’t take the roof over your head for granted please! I want to put myself out there on the 3rd of July and understand what so many people experience.
We are now in 2014 and everyone needs a home. Let’s work together to raise the much needed monies to house the future of NZ: youth.

Lee’s Thoughts On Playing A Woman For #whoreplay


I was very excited (at last) to meet a (real-life) ‘Transgender’ woman to probe about what it feels like to transition from man-to-woman. So many questions arrived in my head – too many to verbalise. The main thing that intrigued me – was when did it happen? When was the first ‘instance’ you felt that you were born in the wrong body? The answer was 4 years old. Wow. I asked about hormones. As I already knew from Melissa and research, hormones definitely impact heavily on your sex drive, cause depression, you can also become impotent at times and feel generally unwell. What happens when I wear a short skirt? “Use duck tape. Be brave. Suck it up girl.” Magic words, that I will embrace.

Jess Talks About ‘Lilly’

Jess - Lilly

“Playing Lilly is a treat. Lilly is an unstable extrovert, highly sexual, smart, inattentive, easily bored, fascinated by the darker mores in life. She imagines herself to be an extremist – and makes choices based on a flirtation with a polarised position, which sits in opposition to her dry-mouthed, cardboard, and largely absent father figure. ” – Jess Holly Bates, ‘salt’

Do You Know Marilyn?


Marilyn Monroe was born June 1, 1926 formerly known as Norma Jean Mortenson.

She married playwright Arthur Miller twice, firstly in a civil ceremony, then a Jewish wedding.

Marilyn was involved in some 30 films, however was never nominated for an Oscar.

Before Marilyn was famous, she worked as a stripper in a Burlesque theatre in Los Angeles.

She was offered the leading role in the film ‘Breakfast At Tiffany’s’ in 1961, which she declined. It was then was offered to Audrey Hepburn.